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hyejin; the leader and the maknae <3 (…or basically the fake maknae and the actual maknae)

July 25 (1213) — via and source
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why love f(x) - Sulli 3/5

The doctor said Sojin’s health isn’t in a good condition. She’s physically healthy, but has a lot of stress and she’s lacking of self-confidence. He even adviced her to look in the mirror and compliment herself often. She started to cry, because she somehow felt broken/busted.

why love f(x) - Luna 2/5

❝Teacher Lee Sooman said that if I do well in the army and come back, my space will still be there. I will do my best and come back well. Everyday while counting the D-day to the day to go to the army, it came so quickly. It seems like the day that I’ll be discharged from the army will come very quickly too. It would be good if there will be as many people as today that will come when I get discharged. When I was on the way here, it seemed like I was going to cry but I am happy that I am able to enlist happily with a bright atmosphere. Not as an entertainer Leeteuk but as the nation’s Park Jungsoo, I will fulfil my national duties and come back.❞ ━━ Leeteuk